About Andalusia

Andalusia rich and diverse.

Andalusia is dubbed by many “bridge between continents”, “doorway to Europe”, “ receptacle of cultures” and “confluence of seas”, and it may easily conform to any of these definitions.

This land, a crossway between Europe and Africa and a place where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet, was coveted by numerous cultures since the beginning of time and was a preferred settlement location of our prehistoric ancestors.

The region represents 17,3% of the Spanish territory. It has an area of 33,952 square miles, an extension larger than countries such as Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Austria or Switzerland.

In Andalusia, contrast is the norm. Its diverse landscapes and geographical accidents confer a wide array of shapes such as the warm Guadalquivir Valley, the lush hills in mid mountain, the volcanic terrains found in “Tabernas Desert” and the snowy peaks of “Sierra Nevada”.

Currently, Andalusia is a modern community that holds great infrastructures, a dynamic economy and an abundant offer of products and services. The region knows how to warmly welcome each visitor and, though it progresses hand in hand with modern times, it has exquisite care in preserving its roots and maintaining the cultural patrimony inherited from its ancestors.