Our services

We offer several services to help companies to do business with Andalusia.

Services for Andalusian business

Extenda also offers Andalusian companies other services that allow them to enhance their presence in foreign markets:

  • REGIONAL PROMOTION CAMPAIGNS CAMPAIGNS with the purpose of fostering the internationalization of vital sectors in strategic markets .
  • SUPPORT OF PROMOTIONAL PLANS MADE BY ANDALUSIA'S EXPORT ASSOCIATIONSas well as other collaboration agreements with several regional and national organizations, providing a wide choice of international promotional activities..
  • TRADE GROUPS  that provide small and medium companies technical and financial assistance to encourage sharing resources and minimizing risks when carrying out internationalization plans.
  • EXPORT TRADE DIAGNOSIS intended to offer advice to companies that are embarking on international business ventures.
  • FOSTER EXPANSION in foreign markets of companies that wish to increase their presence by opening subsidiary offices.
  • INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS by offering companies customized assistance, to help promote internationalization plans.
  • TRAINING OF EXECUTIVES AND TECHNICIANS by establishing agreements with business schools and universities, developing congresses and seminars, and granting scholarships to young graduates.
  • "WINGS TO INTERNATIONALIZATION" AWARDS which grant institutional and social recognition to Andalusian companies which stand out due to their export activities as well as their international expansion.