TITANIA tackles the process of setting up in the United Kingdom

La empresa gaditana Titania Ensayos y Proyectos Industriales SL, participante en nuestro Programa de Implantación Internacional, estableció el pasado mes de julio, la ejecución de un proyecto específico para establecer la compañía en el Reino Unido.

Last June, Titania’s Management Team agreed the execution of a specific project to establish the company in the United Kingdom, with the intention of doubling its sales in the international market. The decision is based on two important criteria: on the large potential market existing in the United Kingdom, since it is the second largest powerhouse in the aerospace sector after the United States, and on the strategic goal of becoming a benchmark laboratory in all countries where the European manufacturer Airbus has a presence. Furthermore, the UK enjoys the physical presence of the manufacturers Boeing and Bombardier, companies with which Titania already has specific agreements. The United Kingdom also has other top-level companies in the sector, such as Rolls Royce and BAE Systems.

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